Racine Yacht Club Work or Pay Survey

We need help to get things done in and around the club more effectively. Iíve been asked by the clubís directors to find ways & means to assist the Directors by improving performance of the Work or Pay system.

Here is a survey which will give us a basis for matching up people and requirements. Please fill it out and return to the RYC office promptly.


Tell us how to get in touch with you:

Please contact me as soon as possible regarding this matter.

What types of work or pay jobs do you prefer?

Outdoor Yard Work
Indoor House Maintenance
Dock Maintenance
Food Preparation
Party Assistance
Race Planning
Race Committee

What special skills do you have to offer when special need arise?

Arts & Graphics
Boat Maintenance & Repair
Sail Instruction
Youth Leadership

Directors, Project Leaders and volunteers should feel free to contact me [Tom Lattomus at 608-754-8929 or lattomus@sbcglobal.net] for assistance in getting help or volunteering.


Please use the remaining space to share any ideas you have to improve efficiency or effectiveness of our work or pay system.

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