First Name: Terry
Last Name: Hartl
Email Address:
Home Phone: 8474456774
Work Phone: 8478552110
Availability: Specific Dates Only
Experience: Looking for a spot on the 2017 Hook Race. Experience includes 8x Hook Races, 4x Annapolis to Newport Races, 4x Queens Cup Races, 2x Mac Races and many beer can races.  20,000+ Ocean miles.

First Name: Bill
Last Name: Porter
Email Address:
Home Phone: 3122967277
Work Phone: 3122967277
Availability: Specific Dates Only
Experience: My son Will and I Interested in crewing for The Hook.  I have over 20 years experience in offshore keelboats, and Will is a high school 420 sailor who also has 7 years of keelboat experience as skipper and crew.Thanks

First Name: Dan
Last Name: Schmitz
Email Address:
Home Phone: 8475022319
Work Phone: 8475022319
Availability: Specific Dates Only
Experience: Hey all, Last year was my first Hook race and what a wild sail that was! I sail with Jake Larson and am looking to join a crew for the 2017 Hook Race. I'll be doing the Queens Cup ahead of time and weekly sails during the early summer to continue improving.  Please feel free to shoot me an email if you're looking for a young, coachable member Thanks! Dan Schmitz

First Name: Nathan
Last Name: -
Email Address:
Home Phone: -
Work Phone: -
Availability: Weekends Only
Experience: Fourth year medical student from Milwaukee available most weekends. Former racing keelboat instructor, tall ship deckhand, delivery crew, and avid cruiser with over 360 days of sea time. Let me know if you need race crew, or just someone to sail with. Thanks! Nathan P.S. will send personal contact info, just don't want to post online.

First Name: Rick
Last Name: Landre
Email Address:
Home Phone: 8157931055
Work Phone: 8157931055
Availability: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Experience: Looking for a spot to crew this year. This is my third year sailing and would love to join this race.

First Name: James
Last Name: Filippini
Email Address:
Home Phone: 630-834-8852
Work Phone: 630-846-8852
Availability: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Experience: Interested in crewing on Hook Race. Experience includes 20+ Macs, 10 Hooks, course racing in Chicago for 30+ yrs as owner and crew. Small and large boats (penguins to 43'C&C).  Burnham YC sail fleet captain responsible for race committee, protest committee, etc.

First Name: Peter
Last Name: Camilli
Email Address:
Home Phone: 319-269-7936
Work Phone: 319-269-7936
Availability: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Experience: Crewing at South Shore Yacht Club's Wednesday night races for last 2 summers. 

First Name: Michael
Last Name: Misa
Email Address:
Home Phone: 9203285615
Work Phone: 9203285615
Availability: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Experience: Dear Madam/Sir, I look forward to get involved in sailing. I do have limited experience using Hobie 16 ( a total of few full days sailing) and about a few hours experience on 19' Flying Scot. My work schedule is unfortunately variable but if opportunities arise I could answer back about availability within 24 hours. Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Michael

First Name: Bill
Last Name: Curtis
Email Address:
Home Phone: 262.456.4558
Work Phone: 732.599.2456
Availability: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Experience: Extensive East Coast Regattas, Marblehead Race Week, ALIR,Family cruises since '60s, Maine to Carolinas.Main trim, helm, long distance nav. Experience. J105, 109, Soverel 33,, C&C, Hunter, sport boats, etc

First Name: Carl
Last Name: Davis
Email Address:
Home Phone: 414-551-0068
Work Phone: 414-551-0068
Availability: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
Experience: Some Experience.  Raced Optis and X-boats as a kid.  Currently own and take the family out in an O'Day 19.  I am 34 years old and would love to gain some experience in keelboats.  I have sailed on a 25 and 35 ft keelboat a couple times.  I live in Waukesha. Weekends work best, but anytime is possible if I have enough notice.