Swing for Sail 2007
Wow and people had said I'll come, but don't look for me on the dance floor.  Let me tell you folks, we danced and danced some more - wasn't room for anyone else on the dance floor.
We even saw Mark Monroe and Mike McShane dancing - Now that's a first.
The band was to die for - they heard them all the way over at Reefpoint and Lakeshore Towers.  "What the heck is going on at the Racine Yacht Club tonight"?
It was a great success and people are still talking about it and want to do it again next year - What do you say Ken Kottke?  
We made of profit of just over $3,000.00 for the Youth Sailing Group - Yeah!!
Most special thanks to Mike & Vickie Langton, Tim & Patty Strandell, Sandi Fox, 
Our First Lady Mary Jo Rode, Jack Landwehr, Youth Members and Sea Scouts and of course our Commodore Mark - without them it would have been a more difficult task to put together.
Also a very special thanks to Kim (what would we do without Kim),  Barb Casey (advertising) and all those who brought gifts to auction and all the delightful hors d' oeuvres
(they were mostly devoured within a couple hours, hey do you think we were hungry?)
We have been told by so many that we need more functions like this and hopefully we can do a couple of them a year.
Thanks to all who came, danced, ate and bought tickets for auction and 50/50.
I forgot one thanks and that's to Tommy, Brent, Elizabeth & Lauren - we kept you hoppin'!
By Pam Jobson