Ya Mon, the Burgee visits Jamaica!


Arriving in Jamaica on an early Sunday afternoon with beautiful sunny skies and 82 degrees is hard to take, but Amy and I suffered through it.  After an hour and a half ride in a cramped bus driving on the wrong side of the road through the small towns of Jamaica and its entire local flavor, we arrived at our resort, All-Inclusive Couples Negril (Adults Only).  Just the view from the lobby was awesome.  Once getting lunch, we were able to check into our room with a beautiful view of the palm tree laden garden and the Caribbean Sea.  We then ventured out to explore the resort accommodations and entertainment for the evening, and make plans for our week in paradise.  After having dinner and listening to the local band for a little while and a few drinks, we retired after a long day of travel.


Monday came with a nice breakfast and making reservations to go to Rick’s Café.  Then we proceeded down to the pool to relax in the sun and enjoy the swim up bar. After several drinks, I learned that they need to have a swim up restroom as well.  Amy found that she liked the “Dirty Bananas” and the “Hummingbirds” while I stuck to my “Miami Vices”.  Later that day, we boarded a bus to Rick’s Café.  This café is recognized as one of the top ten best bars in the world.  While watching the sunset, you can relax listening to the band at the bar, watch people jump from the cliffs or even watch a crazy local 150 feet in a tree do balancing acts and then plummet in to the bay.  Rick’s has its own pool as well where there are tables and chairs in the pool where drinks are brought to you.  The view of the sunsets and the western lighthouse were breath taking.


On Tuesday, we proceeded to the ocean to do a little Hobie sailing.  The mornings seem to have lighter breezes 8-10 knots and the built to12 to 18 during the day.  Amy enjoyed laying on the tramp and enjoying the salt spray.  We sailed around the bay several times passing by the nude beach, but my eyes are just not that good anymore to see the sights.  After this delightful sail, we went back to the pool to float on our rafts and enjoy some more local drinks.  This tended to be a theme all week long.  The evening came, and we dined at the resort’s Italian Restaurant.  The food was great, the company was extraordinary.  After dinner, we listened to the local band where the lead guitarist looked like the Ayatollah Khomeini, the bass guitarist looked like a pirate, drummer like a Rasta-man, and the keyboardist as a jazz artist.  But the best part was the lead singer who sang Reggae all night.  Just can’t get enough of that Reggae.


Wednesday, back to the pool and the bar!  Big surprise!  Amy had a few too many “Hummingbirds” so this required an afternoon nap where somehow she had dreams of driving a half of a motorcycle but lost it and could not locate it with her key fob.  This followed with a dream of putting down a duck for $25,000.   Rum is good!  That evening we went to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville.  We boarded a bus that came right out of one of Jimmy Buffet’s books.  We crammed 60 people into this bus that had plexiglass window held open by hinges.  There wasn’t even standing room left.  The driver ground the gears and on we went.  We enjoyed some appetizers, some Red Stripe, the band and the sunset.  Our return trip on the bus brought a surprise as the bus driver turned on some Jimmy Buffet music.  However, the stereo system was worth more than the bus and virtually pushed the bus down the road with the volume and bass from the subwoofers.


We got to do more sailing on Thursday, and Amy got a little more adventurous out in the windier conditions.  Afterwards we were back at the pool but now Amy was drinking virgin drinks after her interesting dreams still haunted her.  Later, I went out sailing again in the great winds.  18 knots of wind on a Hobie make for a good time.  Amy stayed back and took some pictures.  All week other Hobie sailors were being pulled back in because they kept pitch-poling the boats or could not beat back upwind.  Novices!  Later that evening, was buffet by the pool, and then the beach party.  The Caribbean Shrimp were to die for!  At the beach, we got to see some entertainment including a contortionist and a fire dancer.  Following was the bonfire.


Friday came and Amy and I were wondering how this trip was going by so fast but on we pressed to the pool and the bar.  The day was nice and relaxing as we chose to do nothing.  That evening we had reservations for the Otahete Restaurant.  It was lobster night, and I was going to get my fair share.  Amy ordered lobster for me as well so I was in heaven.  Amy also ordered pumpkin soup.  When it came, there were about 8 pumpkin seeds in the bowl.  We both laughed—great soup.  The waiter came back with a pitcher of the soup which he poured in the bowl which then made a little more sense. Amy loved her Caesar salad so much she had another for dessert. Later, we sat and enjoyed a local steel drum band.


Our last day at the resort was the day to get every bit of sun we could soak into our bodies.  Amy surprised me by wanting to go out sailing again since it was blowing pretty well, back in to the 15 to 18 knot range.  We also realized that Bob Marley might have had a little influence on Jamaican life.  Then, back to the pool for more sun, drinks and relaxation.  Life should be like this everyday.  Saturday evening, we took in the entertainment; then went to piano bar for a night cap before having to go back to the room to pack as we had to leave in the morning.


All other events that occurred, stayed in Jamaica!