Although the Star North Americans this week in Miami, Fl is heavily ladened
with a talent-rich international field, and the  smell of Olympic-level
sailing is thick in the air, there does still remain room in the event for
those members of the Star class family that enjoy  sailing the boat just for
the boat. Tony Herrmann is one of those people,  where this week represents
not only a chance to compete against the best, but to also fulfill a

Beaming from ear to ear and sailing  her first regatta on salt water was
Becca Ruhm, 12, from Racine, Wisconsin.  Herrmann is her grandfather, who had
made a deal with her earlier this year - once she reached 100 pounds, they
would sail Star boats together. Despite  the 2.6-mile beats taking their toll
on Becca, shes having a blast. Sheís amazed by all the Star power here,
loves the warm weather, and canít  understand why more girls donít sail
Stars. Itís fun. Becca is a very special person - the youngest, lightest
and least experienced of everyone  here and one of less than a handful of
females having a great time among  this galaxy of talent. Home schooled and
living with her grandparents, she  is having one of the most memorable
learning experiences of her life. -- Lynn Fitzpatrick