Cruising the Tips of the Gulf

Hello All,

We just came back from a great trip to Isla Mujeres, Mexico via the Dry Tortugas and Key West.  We got to see some of the regatta that was going on there as we were anchored just off of Key West.  My wife, Nancy and son Matt sailed down from Port Charlotte, Florida with Jack and Pam Kazarian and their boat, Waltzing Mathilda.  We first went to Marco Island, then to the Shark River and finally to Marathon Key.  We anchored there for about a week and then on to Key West.  Spent about a week there and Jack's computer crashed forcing him and me to drive almost to Miami in a rented car before we could find one.  It seems all the stores that sold computers were waiting for the new Vista system to come out.  We finally found one in Homestead, Florida.  Got back and headed for the Dry Tortugas and a weather window for our trip across the Gulf.  We witnessed 21 cubans reaching US soil and freedom.  They were all very happy to be there alive.  They all were shouting Libre, Libre.  It was very touching especially after seeing the means by which they got there.

About a day out from Isla Mujeres, we came across another boat of refugees.  They flagged us down and didn't want anything but which way is Cancun.  We offered water and food but no way.  The waves were 6 to 8 at the time.  I think they were afraid too that we might run over them.  Since we only saw them at intervals.  There were 16 of them in a about a 20 foot open fishing boat.  It seemed interesting that these refugees were going to be granted safety and those trying to get to the US via the Mexican border are turned away and even put in jail.

I spent about 10 days in Isla Mujeres and Cancun after which I flew back to -35 degree weather.  Great trip. Pam and Jack were headed down to Belize and Guatemala.  They will probably be heading back in May.     By Steve Case