RYC Burgee Sighting in Montego Bay, Ya Mon!

It was an old/cotton RYC Burgee flying proudly on the ceiling span of the Montego Bay Yacht Club , one of the oldest that I have seen. JKL Ross, the first person to win the Triple Crown (Horse Racing), was a Member of the Club (after retiring to Jamaica). JKL Ross also was the benefactor to the Seawanhaka International Challenge Cup which was a Canadian/UK/USA Yacht Challenge Cup dating back to 1895(6 Meter Class), which has now traveled to Oyster Bay New York for 2011! JKL Ross presented the Challenge Cup to Harry Molson (Herr to the Molson-Canadian Beer/Bank of Montreal/Railroads etc..) after Harry won the Regatta back in 1900 & 1901 (Harry was also the Commodore of The Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club at this time). Harry Died swimming away from the Titanic for help (he survived 2 other oceanic sinking’s) and his treasured Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club Race Course Instruction chart lives on (see attached/ UV-ray processed/exposed Blue Print on linen). I am waiting for a reply to see if RSTLYC is interested in this chart. They seem to have turned into a French Speaking Tennis/Swimming and Yacht Club. I have offered it up to the club and they are either not interested or the chart is in English and they are having difficulty replying in English (the French!). If you blow this up you can see the Light Ships which went out of service around 1905 and the “Club steamer” referenced in the instructions as the Race Committee Boat which I think is pretty cool compared to today.

Story and Sighting by John Ayers