Halliday awarded the Distinguished Community Service Award!

Commodore Charlie Manning presided to honor a friend of the boating community and a friend of his, Bill Halliday.  Everybody knows Bill as a dedicated officer who has dutifully served the boaters in Racine. 

The Commodore remarks, "it would be remiss not to mention how I met Bill.   It was a sunny summer afternoon when he stopped me on a trumped up charge of room at the mark.  Hands on the boom and spread ‘em’ was his command.   I complied while Bill’s large, rugged hands checked me for sharp objects and weapons.   “OK, Manning, what’s this”  Bill says?   It’s a rigging knife and I did not violate rule 18.2 which clearly states…     Everything went dark at that point.  That’s the last thing I remember.   When I woke up, I found myself safely tethered on a four way tie in the middle of the mooring field.   The most interesting thing about that story is that’s exactly how Carol Halliday met Bill.  It all starts as small time no-wake beef, then there’s a quick frisk and the next thing you know, you start sailing doubles together." 

He’s just that kind of guy.

Club members assembled to honor Bill Halliday’s service to our community.  Here are a few of the highlights of his distinguished career.  

Hired in 1980, Bill has served on the Patrol Division, Narcotics Division, and was promoted to Detective.   During his career, he has been a member of the Racine County SWAT team for 20 years, and the Snowmobile Team for 28 years.   Later, promoted to Sergeant, he was assigned as Officer in Charge of the Racine County Water Patrol in 1994.  During the winters, he has been Officer in Charge of the Snowmobile Patrol.   During his career, Bill has received numerous recognitions and awards.  A two time recipient of recognition from, Racine Unified, he also has received recognition from the Kenosha, Milwaukee, and Walworth Police Departments.  He is a Distinguished master Shooter  in the Sheriff’s Department.   Bill has demonstrated leadership throughout his career.  He has served as Officer in Charge of , The School Patrol Program, The Truancy Abatement Program, Authored the COPS in School Program Grant and acted as Officer in Charge of that program  

Bill has consistently used his knowledge to instruct and develop the skills of the Racine boating community.   He is a certified instructor for the Wisconsin DNR and has conducted Boater Safety, Snowmobile Safety and ATV safety classes. He is a certified instructor for the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and has taught Basic Boating, Crewman Qualified and has attended the national coxswain school.  

In Bill’s 17 years as OIC at the Water Patrol, the unit has handled 5000 calls for service that would include 1500 vessels in distress.

What’s that job like?

It would be fair to say that at certain times you, your boat and your crew are in situations where you are leaving the harbor just when it might be the right time to be returning. It would be fair to say that you would regularly put your life at risk to save the life of another. It would be fair to say that some days don’t turn out so good while other days, you are a hero. Now, do all that. Give up your weekends. Spend countless hours on the boats while smiling and maintaining a positive attitude while you deal with declining budgets and aging equipment.  

As Bill has often said to Charlie Manning, “Boating’s not for everybody.”  Charlie would say to him that his boating career is for very, very few.  

The Commodore closed with this quote from Bill…   “I was hired by the Milwaukee Police Department on March 10, 1980.  The same day I was to start at the Racine Sheriffs Department.  I am sure that I made the right choice.”   Bill, we are all sure too!   Bill, thank you for being part of our Club and a part of the boating community.

The Racine Yacht Club is proud to present you with the Racine Yacht Club Distinguished Community Service Award.