Flags Wins "Best on Lake Michigan" for 2007

Bob and Cathy Samples, "Flags", has won the Best on Lake Michigan Award for the second time. Previously, the captured this award in 2005 but left its home at Racine Yacht Club for a year.  Flags has been crewed by a full contingent of some of RYC's finest sailors.  Rumor has it that the USS Constitution will be staying close to home for 2008 as well. Gary Hendrickson presents the award to Bob and Cathy Sample as a representative of Lake Michigan Sail Racing Federation.

You might wonder how this series is scored.  Well, a yacht must enter a PHRF-handicapped section of an event in order to be scored (except for the Chicago Mac Race). A yacht’s overall scores in the PHRF fleet will be used for scoring, where available. However for buoy racing events in the series that have no fleet scoring, a yacht’s actual overall raw section placing (that includes boats not entered in this series) shall be used. Any resulting ties for the event shall stand. Should less than 4 series entrants participate in a series event that does provide overall PHRF fleet scoring, a yacht’s raw section placing shall be used for scoring. The Chicago Mac Race results in handicap sections (other than one-design sections) will be scored with a scoring correction “overlay” using their 2007 LM-PHRF handicap rating. The Harbor Springs Regatta will be scored by a boat’s overall division ranking.

For overall series ties in the LM-PHRF Series, only fleet-scored race scores shall be used as tie-breakers.

2007 Best LM-PHRF Boat On Lake Michigan Results

USS Constitution Trophy

1st Overall: FLAGS Bob Sample

2nd Overall: SUE James Muller

3rd Overall: FINE LINE Rich Montplaisr

4th Overall: SCOUT Jamie Hummert

5th Overall: BLUE HEAVEN Richard Chapman