The Kids won at Louies!

Hasten and Goombay Smash as well as other members as crew from RYC join together to raise money for the kids at Children's Memorial Hospital of Wisconsin. 

Together these two boats with there crew raised over $1000 for the kids.  Hasten was able to place 7th out of 145 boats where Goombay came in 23rd.

Here is a link to the On-The-Water Results for Louie’s 9th. A few things of great note about what happened out on the Big Lake on Saturday:

145 boats entered Louie’s 9th Last Regatta – a RECORD!

119 boats completed the course – a RECORD!

Boats from 78 feet to 13 feet entered the race – a RECORD!

Next year bring your boat to Milwaukee and join this great cause and great fun!

(I asked Fred Stritt to write this story, but he couldn't remember the weekend.  He must have had a good time!)

Story by Gregg Henning