2008 Hook Wrap Up

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I want to thank everyone involved in making this years race a success.  Without the help of large number of talented people an undertaking of this sort would be very difficult to do.

The start of the race was one of the slowest that I have seen since Lou and I joined the club.  The water was smooth but the wind was very light.   It was a preview for what would continue the next few days with a few notable exceptions.  Some of the racers did encounter problems with the weather and some had equipment problems.  A possible tornado and large hail greeted some while T-Storms washed over parts of the course.    We did have one exciting moment when 8 boats finished with chutes flying and within .08 min if each other.  We had a clean start with no protests.  In fact the whole race was run without protest however we did have one redress which was quickly resolved.

We instituted a Double Hand Division this year and had 5 boats entered.  One of these boats, Adria, a J105 finished 5th overall in the race.  Another was crewed by Paul Tobias and his son Eric.  We look forward to seeing this division increase for next year’s race.  Congratulations to all 5 boats and crews.

The M&MYC worked very hard to make the race a success this year.  The Commodore – Mitch Hubert- (Mitch raced with us this year and placed 2nd in PHRF I and 2nd overall) and his board are to be complemented for their hard work.  Peg Stearn – Rear Commodore – (My right hand at M&MYC) worked with her volunteers to help through the night on Sunday and into Monday morning.  This group worked closely with me to provide many things for the crews.  Food, beverages, snacks etc.  We also had two other boats from M&MYC race with us.  Keith Nordahl and Stu Keys raced the Double Hand with Stu placing 4th in section and 17th overall.

The party at the club on Friday was very well attended and all of the sailors and their friends stayed into the night enjoying the food and the music.  Tommy and his crew put on a great buffet and the band Night Wing provided a wide variety of music which was enjoyed by all.  Nancy’s Bloody Mary’s’ received several comments on the excellent way she prepares them.  “Not a Bloody until they are shaken” .  People who came to our Friday night party enjoyed our hospitality and great location. 

We had 29 new and first time racers this year.   It was gratifying to have new people enter the race.  I hope that these boats will enter again next year.  We should have a larger fleet next year with the return of our normal racers who did the MAC this year.  Next year is the  25th Anniversary of the race and we would welcome ideas as how to make this one special.  I will be talking with Mark Rode about what we would like to do.  If you have any thoughts or ideas about the race please come forward and tell us about them.

We have had many compliments from skippers and crew about the race and parties.

The Pig Roast, Mt. Gay Rum party and the entertainment run by Steve Paulson was a big hit.  The RYC cruising fleet got fogged in Manitowoc and could not share in the festivities this year.  Their presence was missed.  If you don’t race consider coming up with the fleet.

We received great support from West Marine in Racine.  They provided 100 Tote Bags that we used for the Skipper bags and also for the crews of the boats.  They also gave us playing cards, discount cards, rigging knifes, binoculars, tool kits, a Yacht Lamp, beach balls.  I want to thank RYC member Bryn Williams who works at West Marine in Racine for all of his help in procuring the prizes and give-a-ways.

Another race is in the books.

Ron Weiss